Busy busy….

I have been working like crazy to get ready for the OHUG conference in Las Vegas next week (my company is a sponsor), sorting through my inbox after a month of vacation, and trying to keep up with orders for the new Truckasauras album. The weekend was eventful too: I made a day trip up to Vancouver to see some friends and stock our Canadian office with new releases, played tennis and basketball, and came back in time to DJ at the Noise For The Needy benefit show on Saturday alongside Same DNA, Specs One, Absolute Madman & Delicious People. For my first father’s day I chilled with the fam, ate BBQ ribs, and hit the driving range with my grandma.. Fully satisfied that I couldn’t have done anything more this last week, I am going to sleep well.

Exxor's star consultants in the house!
Chilling in the booth at the Oracle conference

The worst turntables in the world
Noise For The Needy benefit show