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Twinkie party Sept. 2013. Tweet

Frank 151 blogger

Hey Frank 151, I need to get my login back! link to the page Tweet

Truckasauras Press-only Show

Truckasauras has brand recognition in Seattle right now. Their special blend of glitchy 8-bit electronica is making hipsters and hip hop heads go bananas. Crown is curating a few shows for the early adopters to say thanks. Tweet

DJ WD4D for Windows Phone

For more info go to the Crown Social Agency Website Tweet

Quarters by Truckasauras

The record label I’ve been running for the last 6 years, Fourthcity, will be co-releasing Truckasauras‘ second album, Quarters, with New York-based label Journal of Popular Noise. The album will be out this Tuesday in digital format, and the vinyl EP will be available in October.Listen here Tweet

Truckasauras Moves

Truckasauras released a Hiphop single with Mash Hall yesterday — you can buy it now on iTunes. The single was released to commemorate a big show that is happening at Neumos this Friday, feat. MCs Spaceman, SK, Geologic, RA Scion, Jay Barz, Khingz, Grynch, Mash Hall, Specs, Canary Sing, Neema, Filkoe, Milo, Sage, Orbitron, Asun, […]

Truckasauras Rumors

It’s fantastic that bloggers and journalists are eager to scoop Truckasauras’s every move, but some of what was recently written in The Seattle Times is just not true: namely, there will be no rapping on the next Truckasauras album :) Here is a video shot by someone at a recent show in Bellingham featuring an […]

New music from the homies

Two of my favorite electronic music acts posted cuts online this week. This first one is from Deceptikon, whom I met back in December 2003 at the Portland All-Area Laptop Battle. He’s got a new album out on Daly City Records, and the DL is hosted by XLR8R Magazine. Get it here. Second up is […]

Feeling Nostalgic

New Truckasauras Video

I thought this one was really weird when I first saw it, but the wonderful people over at Pitchfork + PrefixMag seem to like it. Also here is an interesting map of the US with States renamed for countries with similar GDPs (via clubmoss)

So many Fourthcity shows!

A former patron of mine with whom I had fallen out of touch recently wrote to me after seeing a list of Fourthcity’s upcoming shows: “I am so proud of you…look at you – you are now a successful event master.” Mr. Florentine’s assessment was not exactly correct: Fourthcity’s strength has always been the fact […]

Another Truckasauras Track

Zapan Discography

Below is a collection of artwork albums I have released/recorded under my artist name “Zapan.” I also had a hand in these fine releases For an up-to-date list of the newest Fourthcity releases, please visit my download shop: Brushed Golden.

Busy busy….

I have been working like crazy to get ready for the OHUG conference in Las Vegas next week (my company is a sponsor), sorting through my inbox after a month of vacation, and trying to keep up with orders for the new Truckasauras album. The weekend was eventful too: I made a day trip up […]

Noise For The Needy

Early show at King Cobra on Capitol Hill. Proceeds to go to charity.

Fwd: Truckasauras Cutz

Listen to some new songs off the Truckasauras album, “Tea Parties, Guns n Valor.” Hot off the presses. – Super Copter.mp3 (Fak!!! ghetto version not on album)

The new Truckasauras joint is on the street!

Fourthcity & The Journal of Popular Noise are proud to announce the release of Truckasauras’ debut album: Tea Parties, Guns n Valor QUOTES “Do” – VICE “Truckasauras is the future of techno” – PITCHFORK “Seattle, Washington has a big problem on its hands” – XLR8R SPY OR SUPPORT ALBUM & ARTIST INFO TRUCKASAURAS LIMITED EDITION […]

HTC Diamond Phone

See if you can spot two Fourthcity album covers in this advert for a new mobile phone from Taiwan… and every phone is pre-programmed with a ringtone by Absolute Madman!