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Crown Social Gives Back

It’s important to participate in community. That’s why this Seattle agency went to City Hall yesterday to tell youth about what it’s like to work in marketing and advertising. We’re also giving kids 15-18 a chance to actually experience agency life. Every three months we hold a pizza party at our office on Capitol Hill […]

You know what’s awesome?

Crown Social has a blog


Crown Soc. in 2012!!!

I’m in Japan! Aside from Skype / Google Hangout sessions, some emails, and hacking together a social media launch plan for our biggest client yet, I’ve been able to enjoy relaxing and reminiscing about our first 6 months. It’s been STUPID AWESOME!! I was optimistic about Crown’s potential — obviously: I left a job I […]

New business whirlwind

It’s been a whirlwind at Crown Social. We’ve been buying last-minute plane tickets to California to pitch a big potential client. One of our new employees worked at Ogilvy PR for almost five years, and has been implementing processes that will alleviate the growing pains that come with a new business. We’ve also been fortunate […]

Social Media Agencies

My dream is to build an agency because I am passionate about engaging people in unique and compelling ways, and because I am passionate about quality and detail, I want to be involved in the process from start to finish, end-to-end. Social media marketing is clogged right now with “a lot of small, cute little […]

Startup life

Romantic and dangerous, the life of a startup keeps me on edge. I’m always alert, always on the lookout for a new hustle. “We’re carving out a niche by being the agency that combines enterprise-level understanding of the social landscape with traditional marketing know-how and hyper-local guerrilla viral word of mouth experience for the benefit […]

Social Media Consulting

Day one was rad. There’s a lot of demand. We are successfully combining knowledge of Internet applications and social media with traditional marketing best-practices. And awesome, of course. T-Mobile is a runway model home for the holidays dressed in her sweatpants, and we wholeheartedly recommend that Microsoft buy Abercrombie and Fitch because they would both […]

New Social Marketing Agency!!!

This summer I am launching a new venture. I’m opening a social media marketing/dev shop in July. And as you might expect, I’m looking for a summer intern :P (笑) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]


This was part of a T-Mobile advertising spread in Rolling Stone. Theophilus London is the shit, and you also have to love the magenta touches. Tweet

Appreciating Chevy’s Marketing at SXSW 2011


What is CRM?

CRM is Customer Relationship Management. In other words, it means treating your customers like friends or royalty. At the core of the traditional CRM discipline is making sure all customer data can be accessed at any touch point. Whether you call my customer support, visit my retail store, or browse my website, your data – […]

Influencers Short by R+I Creative

INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo. Tweet

Best use of Twitter ever

RT @kfcrip : Nah kid, scratch dat, we at the block party and our chikn shut that DOWN RT @blaqstarrish : Heading to Roscoe’s /via Twitter Tweet

Working at Wunderman

Next week I will be rejoining Wunderman as a Strategist on the T-Mobile account. Life is good, and I have therefore been drinking too much Champagne. Haha — as if that’s even possible! Tweet


Quick aside before we begin: what the hell is going on with MySpace? The company has dropped the ball, big time. The embedded Snocap music store plugin has been broken for years now, yet it’s still there taking up space and dragging on the already abysmal loading time. I thought at the very least the […]

Pleasure Reading

Since I am done with graduate school and have yet to start working, I have time to do some pleasure reading. Below are a few of the books I am reading, rereading, or want to read. If you have read any of these, I would love to hear your thoughts. Tweet


Here are some photos from my internship this past summer at an advertising agency in Tokyo. I worked primarily on the Microsoft Japan account, which is why I had a “V dash” badge. I will post some more photos of Tokyo when I have time.