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You know what’s awesome?

Social Media Consulting

Day one was rad. There’s a lot of demand. We are successfully combining knowledge of Internet applications and social media with traditional marketing best-practices. And awesome, of course. T-Mobile is a runway model home for the holidays dressed in her sweatpants, and we wholeheartedly recommend that Microsoft buy Abercrombie and Fitch because they would both […]

Working at Wunderman

Next week I will be rejoining Wunderman as a Strategist on the T-Mobile account. Life is good, and I have therefore been drinking too much Champagne. Haha — as if that’s even possible! Tweet


After all the hard work, travel, and fun of the last two years, I am graduating this Saturday w/ a Masters degree in Business Administration. 「経営学修士」is how you say it in Japanese. Booyaahh! And the bottle of Dom Pérignon is chilling in the fridge. Tweet

Market-neutral trading strategies

On Tuesday, I’m going to be talking about a market-neutral trading strategy that has made money for hedge funds for a long time. It was documented in the below form by Mary E. Barth and Amy P. Hutton, and it goes like this: →1. Rank publicly traded firms by amount of balance sheet accruals (as […]

Broke my damn collarbone.

Writing with my left hand because I dove for a pop fly at cricket yesterday and landed wrong – now my right clavicle makes a little tent with my skin. Gross, right? With any luck I will be healed by graduation. Five more weeks!

Warren Buffett

Weekend in Palo Alto

Throughout the year, the biggest business schools on the West Coast compete with each other to raise the most money and volunteer the most hours for charity. This competition culminates every year in C4C Sports Weekend on the Stanford campus, where UW, UCLA, Berkeley, USC and others square off in tennis, swimming, basketball, dodgeball, cheerleading, […]

Interested in Japan’s venture capital market?

This Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon, I will be taking part in a panel about “Asian Business in the International Arena” as part of the Graduate Student Colloquium curated by the Department of Asian Languages and Literature and the Jackson School of International Studies. Prior to the panel discussion, I will be giving […]

I went to Palm Springs

I know you don’t really want to hear about my vacation to Palm Springs, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills, so instead I will list the “DEMOSpring 2010 AlphaPitch Companies” that exhibited over the weekend at the Desert Springs resort in Palm Desert… Zosh AirSet AppVoyage AppWhirl, Inc. Restaurant 2.0 NavID/BrandFolium CalendarFly Closely, Inc. Cloudcel […]


I’ve had just such a crazy week. I didn’t get much sleep because Ciel was cranky. Also: Eiko’s mom went back to Japan, I hosted another Dollar Object™ DJ night, continued my work analyzing the marketing & engineering depts at Necodo/BeetLabs, and got in a car accident. In other news, I am excited about business […]