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DJ WD4D for Windows Phone

For more info go to the Crown Social Agency Website Tweet

Social Media Consulting

Day one was rad. There’s a lot of demand. We are successfully combining knowledge of Internet applications and social media with traditional marketing best-practices. And awesome, of course. T-Mobile is a runway model home for the holidays dressed in her sweatpants, and we wholeheartedly recommend that Microsoft buy Abercrombie and Fitch because they would both […]

Data Mining 101


Mobile payments coming to the U.S.

A sick development in cell phones, this means that we will have one more pants pocket free once we no longer have to carry our wallets. And yes, I’m aware boys will be more excited about this than girls. But seriously though. I thought we would have to wait until every single 7-11 installed another […]


Quick aside before we begin: what the hell is going on with MySpace? The company has dropped the ball, big time. The embedded Snocap music store plugin has been broken for years now, yet it’s still there taking up space and dragging on the already abysmal loading time. I thought at the very least the […]

Ten Healthy Years of Mobile Internet

I blogged a little bit about the mobile industry in Japan over on the Japan Global Business Forum site. Tweet

I ♡ iPad !!!!!⁄!!