I went to Palm Springs

I know you don’t really want to hear about my vacation to Palm Springs, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills, so instead I will list the “DEMOSpring 2010 AlphaPitch Companies” that exhibited over the weekend at the Desert Springs resort in Palm Desert…

Zosh AirSet AppVoyage AppWhirl, Inc. bloson.com Restaurant 2.0 NavID/BrandFolium CalendarFly Closely, Inc. Cloudcel Democrasoft DigitalScirocco Everloop eXaudios Technologies FathomDB FN Immunos Security Fliptop Li’l Magic Genieo GlideTV, Inc. GreenNurture gwabbit Hillcrest Labs In & Out Cash Management InfoDome Infusionsoft Invested.in QuantumFilm MightyMeeting, Inc. MiniMash my6sense, Inc. NetToons Network Hippo Greypfroot Phone Halo PiMoto Rebtel Sharetivity SocialWish Solvate Supercool School Sutus, Inc. Tastr, Inc. Social Sentry VenueGen ViaCLIX VIC Wave VISIARC Vivox Voxofon, LLC Widgetbox Zerista, Inc. flinc Immitter KarmaKorn MEDL Technology Co., Ltd. neverend media PERMISSIONtosend R3 d.o.o. SocialOrbits Systemkey ThickButtons TicketPlayground.com TAGtheLOOK Yumit Zurb

If you are interested in funding history or contact details about any of the above companies, feel free to drop a line — I was lucky enough to get my hands on a short history of all the pitching companies. For more about the biannual DEMO conference, go here.