New business whirlwind

It’s been a whirlwind at Crown Social. We’ve been buying last-minute plane tickets to California to pitch a big potential client. One of our new employees worked at Ogilvy PR for almost five years, and has been implementing processes that will alleviate the growing pains that come with a new business. We’ve also been fortunate to have an SMB consultant help us diversify and streamline our business development efforts.

I’m no longer concerned about whether there is enough demand in the marketplace, and I am strongly convinced that the quality of our strategic offering is world-class; I am now worried only about keeping our cash flow positive while we’re trying to grow.

But this weekend has been productive. Aside from polishing off some work for an existing client, we also finalized a big new business pitch and secured a little more than $50K in new friends-and-family investment. We just kicked off a new client last week and are in the process of making a couple of solid case studies from our previous work…

Oh, and we’re having an open house at our offices on Thurs., Nov. 10th. We’d love to have you if you can make it.