Weekend in Palo Alto

Throughout the year, the biggest business schools on the West Coast compete with each other to raise the most money and volunteer the most hours for charity. This competition culminates every year in C4C Sports Weekend on the Stanford campus, where UW, UCLA, Berkeley, USC and others square off in tennis, swimming, basketball, dodgeball, cheerleading, and, most importantly, partying. It’s basically like a massive, perhaps somewhat more well-behaved frat party. It’s for a good cause and way too much fun. I sustained a minor head injury, but of course I didn’t let that stop me from participating in everything I could over the weekend. I made some new friends, and many fond memories with my Foster Family. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure none of us will be welcome at the P.A. Sheraton anymore.. Ha! It was a great trade. The photo below barely does it justice.