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So many Fourthcity shows!

A former patron of mine with whom I had fallen out of touch recently wrote to me after seeing a list of Fourthcity’s upcoming shows: “I am so proud of you…look at you – you are now a successful event master.” Mr. Florentine’s assessment was not exactly correct: Fourthcity’s strength has always been the fact […]

Zapan Discography

Below is a collection of artwork albums I have released/recorded under my artist name “Zapan.” I also had a hand in these fine releases For an up-to-date list of the newest Fourthcity releases, please visit my download shop: Brushed Golden.

The new Truckasauras joint is on the street!

Fourthcity & The Journal of Popular Noise are proud to announce the release of Truckasauras’ debut album: Tea Parties, Guns n Valor QUOTES “Do” – VICE “Truckasauras is the future of techno” – PITCHFORK “Seattle, Washington has a big problem on its hands” – XLR8R SPY OR SUPPORT ALBUM & ARTIST INFO TRUCKASAURAS LIMITED EDITION […]

HTC Diamond Phone

See if you can spot two Fourthcity album covers in this advert for a new mobile phone from Taiwan… and every phone is pre-programmed with a ringtone by Absolute Madman!