The Hackers are Back

Zach Huntting
Hey friends, welcome back! This blog was disabled for a while due to some comment spam related to our version of WordPress, so we skipped 1.5 years. Now that I’m taking a dev course at General Assembly I figured I’d check out what the fuck was happening, and it turned out to be relatively simple to fix. Anyway, I’m pretty stoked to be back. Business has been rad — we know exactly who we are as a company, and every day is enjoyable and stress free. I’m heading to Vegas tomorrow morning to support one of our biggest clients (EMC) at EMC World. Looking forward to the parties of course. Oh, and the learning. Haha. Silly of me to forget that there’s that, too.

Here are a couple of links for you to check out:

> Ciel’s Strawberry Banana Diamond Sword Game